Join me on my Thursday morning snowshoe adventure

Join me on my Thursday morning snowshoe adventure

In the winter, as long as there's enough snow, I try to go snowshoeing every morning. For me snowshoeing is such a great combination of exercise and meditation. This morning was one of my favorites since it snowed overnight and was continuing to snow when I hit the mountain.

So I decided to record eight minutes of my morning snowshoe without any commentary from me so you can just listen and enjoy. About halfway through my hike I realized that since I decide to do a hill climb this morning I was breathing pretty heavily, because, well, I'm essentially climbing a mountain on snowshoes, without poles, holding an let's just call this v1 of my snowshoe vidoes.

For those wondering a bit more about where I am geographically, I live in Incline Village, Nevada which is one of the towns on Lake Tahoe. One of the things I really appreciate about living here is all the hikes with beautiful expansive views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains.

The wilderness that surrounds Incline Village is called Mount Rose Wilderness and it's a 30,000 acre expanse spanning between the Carson Mountain Range and the Great Basin. You get spectacular views from just about every trail in the Mount Rose Wilderness but this is balanced with lots of uphill and high elevation since the low point is around 6,500 feet above sea level and it goes up to 10,776 feet at the peak of Mount Rose itself.

Okay, well enough preamble from me - put on some headphones or turn up the audio on your computer and join me on a morning snowshoe in Tahoe!