I’ve been failing at writing consistently for Morgan.xyz, but I’m going to change that

I’ve been failing at writing consistently for Morgan.xyz, but I’m going to change that

As a founder, I’m used to making mistakes, owning up to them, learning, and then moving forward in what at least I think is a better direction. One thing that drives me crazy is people who only talk about the things that are working for them. When I ask some founders how they’re company is going – they respond with something like, “we’re crushing it!”

I cringe when I hear this, first because it’s not very authentic, and second because it doesn’t open the door for us to have a conversation that’s actually interesting or productive. The reality is that yes – sometimes things are going well when you’re running a startup, and that’s awesome, but most of the time, you’re struggling, not with everything but with something, and being open and honest about that is so important.

This is an approach I try to take with everything in life, and no, I wasn’t always this way. I too used to be a “crushing it” kind of person who only talked about things that were going well. As I’ve gotten older, and maybe just a little bit wiser, I’ve changed my tune and the end result is that I feel a lot better about myself and about the conversations that I have with people.

So I’m having that conversation with you right now. When I started this blog and the corresponding podcast, I planned on watching it really take off…and that hasn’t happened because I haven’t been consistent. I do have a daily blog that I’ve been writing for almost 12 years now on MorganLinton.com, I am very consistent there and have really seen the results.

I could give some excuse like, “oh I’m just too busy to do this!” but that wouldn’t be true. It takes me about 30 minutes to write a blog post so if one day a week I have to spend an hour (a blog post here and a blog post on MorganLinton.com) that probably just means during my downtime I’ll have to forgo an episode of Stranger Things (Season 3 starts tomorrow!) and that’s okay.

To kick-off my new consistent schedule I’m going to commit to writing a post here every Wednesday. I’m also going to really push to have a new podcast out every month, for the next three months that shouldn’t be too hard since I have three podcasts that I’ve already recorded that I just need to edit.

If you haven’t listened to any of my podcasts yet, you can check them out on Apple Podcasts here. The two interviews that I have up so far are with Hunter Walk from Homebrew and Joe Floyd from Emergence. These are two of the VCs I look up to the most and both interviews are excellent and definitely a must-listen IMO for founders at all stages.

So for those of you who have been reading Morgan.xyz and wonder, “hey, what the heck happened to Morgan?” I’m here, and I’m sorry I fell off the wagon, now it’s time to get into a groove. Thanks for reading and look out for regular posts here every Wednesday. As Tom Cullen, one of the founders of Sonos used to always say to me when I made a mistake, onward and upward!

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