Interview with Andy McLoughlin from Uncork Capital

Morgan Linton - Andy Mcloughlin

Uncork Capital is one of the largest Seed-focused Venture Capital firms in San Francisco. If you haven’t heard of Uncork Capital, you’ve definitely heard of the companies they’ve invested in like EventBrite, FitBit, Postmates, Poshmark and more. Yes – it’s safe to say that Uncork has a very good track record when it comes to identifying great companies early on.

I was lucky enough to be able to sit down with Andy Mcloughlin, a Partner at Uncork Capital to talk about how he got into the VC world, his our adventures as a startup founder, and what he looks for in a good investment.

This interview has so many good nuggets in it I would say that if you’re the founder of a Seed stage startup, you should listen to this from start to finish, and maybe multiple times. In the interview Andy shares what impresses him the most in a pitch, as well as a red flag that you might not think of but could cause a firm like Uncork to lose interest.

Uncork Capital is one of the most-respected firms in San Francisco and after spending some time with Andy I can see why. If you’ve ever wanted to get a closer look inside the mind of a top Seed-focused VC, you’re going to really enjoy this one. Simply click the play button below or feel free to head over to the Podcast app on your iPhone and search for the podcast for listening on the go. Enjoy!

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