Emergence just shared their playbook on Fundraising, and it’s damn good

Two weeks ago I had the chance to go to a really inspiring event put on by one of my favorite VC Firms, Emergence. The event brought together founders for a day of sharing and learning together, and I think it’s safe to say Emergence hit it out of the park in just about every way.

There were great talks by people like Eric Yuan the founder of Zoom, Kyle Porter, founder of Salesloft, and many more. Along with great content Emergence did a great job picking the venue, Bluxome Street Winery, a working winery in SF (fun fact – SF is actually where the wine industry started before Napa was on the wine map in the US). Here’s a look at the digs:

While I really enjoyed just about every minute of the event, the high point for me came at the very end when Joe Floyd, a partner at Emergence announced a bevvy of free resources for founders that I think will be referred to for years to come as the playbook on fundraising.

Joe didn’t just announce one resource, instead its a full kit including:

In the future Joe said Emergence will also be sharing their financial model and board meeting templates. In short, Emergence just shared all the resources that you would normally only get if you were funded by a big billion dollar fund like Emergence but now for free for anyone.

You can click on any of the items I listed above to view them directly. I will likely be going through each of these in-depth and sharing some highlights on each here on my blog in the future. For now I wanted to make sure to share them with all of you and give a big thanks to Emergence for providing all of this to everyone whether they’re a portfolio company or not.

Emergence, you rock!

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