Hi, I’m Morgan

I’m Morgan Linton, six years ago I co-founded Bold Metrics, you can think of us as an API for the human body. We use machine learning to accurately predict body measurements and map this data to apparel patterns (called tech pack data) to help brands understand how the clothes they’re making actual fit the people who buy them. You can read a bit more about us in Retail Touchpoints.

We have a big vision – to fundamentally change the way clothes are made, and companies like EXPRESS, Men’s Wearhouse, Levi’s and many more have partnered with us to help make this happen. This is my first startup, we’ve raised $3.7M to-date, and like most founders, I’m learning new things every day.

About two years ago I started angel investing, and no, I don’t know what I’m doing yet. I made my fifth investment this year and also had the chance to get a nice return on one of my earlier investments, MetaSaaS which was acquired by Flexera in May of 2018. As a first time founder and a very new angel investor I don’t think I’m in a position to share much advice, but I can certainly share my experiences and mistakes I’ve made and learned from along the way.

Prior to Bold Metrics I was an early employee at Sonos where I helped build our sales channels in the US and then spent years traveling the globe and helping us expand to Asia, Australia, Latin America and Canada. I learned a lot at Sonos and can thank them for giving me the startup bug and for inspiring me to listen to more music – two things that have without a doubt changed my life.

When I’m not working I love getting out into nature and I’m a particularly big fan of backpacking. I live in San Francisco and spend as much time as I can exploring the incredible wilderness from Yosemite to Mendocino, Point Reyes to Angel Island. I’m also a bit of an eSports fan so when the weather has decided to keep me indoors you’ll find me watching DOTA 2 or playing Fornite.

Want to get in touch with me? Shoot me an email anytime.